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Case Study

The Challenge

Corendon offers deals for hotels all around the world. As you can image, the prices and occupancy of these hotels change continuously, which makes it unfeasible to create video ads manually. Our challenge is to speed up the process of generating product feed-based creatives.


  • Dynamic Video
  • Creatives at Scale

Our Solution

Corendon adds its product feed to our platform to automatically generate new creatives based on changes in their feed. Whenever the tour operator wants to promote a (new) deal, the marketeer of Corendon logs in to the platform, selects the travel destination, hotel, price, duration and aspect ratio to create a video ad in a few seconds. The video can be published directly on Corendon’s advertising channels. In this way, whenever a hotel wants to sell more rooms, a video ad is created in no time.

The Result

Dynamic Elements

Travel destination




Aspect ratio

Corendon's creative, produced within the Storyteq-platform
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