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Case Study

The Challenge

In 2018, the Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo, took over rival Emté supermarkets. Jumbo acquired 79 Emté stores and turned the majority into their own on different dates. Our challenge is to make people aware of the change of their local supermarket and activate them to visit the new stores.


  • Dynamic Video
  • Creatives at Scale
  • DCO

Our Solution

With hyper-local awareness campaigns we target people in the areas around the supermarkets. We created dynamic video ads in which elements in the creatives changed based on data. The campaigns are divided into three phases: before, during and after the opening of a new Jumbo supermarket. In the first phase, customers see a countdown toward the opening, in the second phase is the actual opening and in the third phase we advertise product deals. In this way all video ads are personalized and relevant to the viewer.

The Result

Dynamic Elements




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